Is It Feasible to Make Custom Figurines From Photo or Sketch?

We often receive inquiries from customers asking if we could make custom figurines from a photo. Actually, it is possible, and we can even create custom figures from an idea!

So how is this done, and what are the steps? Let's take a custom vinyl figurine as an example.

Send Us Your Design Picture

Demeng Toy - Vinyl Figurine Design Sketch

When we receive the picture of the figurine that the customer wants to customize, we will ask the customer for the size, material, and any specific crafting requirements. For example, this is a custom vinyl figurine from photo that we have made. At the beginning, we received a picture. The first step is for our 3D designer to make a draft based on the photo character. Then we will send the drawing to the customer for approval. After approval, we will proceed to the next step.

3D Model Making

Vinyl Figurine 3D Molds

We use 2D pictures to determine the shape and proportion of each part of the figurine. Our 3D modelers can complete the 3D model making and 3D disassembly for customers who don't have a 3D design file. The purpose is to produce each part of the figurine separately, which will facilitate the making of molds and coloring. This ensures that the assembly will not be pulled apart, and the coloring details will be more perfect, resulting in better quality. After the 3D modeling is completed, we will proceed to the production of the model.

3D Printing Prototype

3D Printing Prototype

We complete the prototype making through the 3D printer. We use high-accuracy materials to ensure that it has printing details.(normal it will be photopolymer and red wax or ABS)

Color Sample Making

Demeng Toy-color sample making by manual coloring

In this step, we color the sample based on pantone code or coloring design picture. Sample coloring is done by hand painting, which requires our painting experts to complete it. It usually takes about 7-9 working days to finish the detail. Here we can see that we have successfully customized a figurine from photo at the very beginning.

Wax Sample & Mold Making

wax sample and molds solution for mass production

Usually, we will first confirm with the customer the structure of the figurine connection, such as the mushroom shape and horn shape of the vinyl figure (for figurine assembly). This choice will affect the way and difficulty of disassembling the figurines, and the cost price will also be slightly different. After confirming that the above steps are all right, we can make wax samples and molds and use them for mass production.

Vinyl Part Making & QC

Demeng Toy - ROTOCAST vinyl part making

After mass production of vinyl figure parts, we will carefully check the quality of these uncolored vinyl parts to make sure they are qualified.

Coloring & Assembling

vinyl figurine parts and packing

After confirming that there is no problem with the quality, it will be painted, and then all parts will be cleaned and assembled. In the end, we have completed the custom figurines from photo, and those figurines would be well-packaged and delivered to clients.


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