Crafting Custom Anime Figures: The Expert Process of Anime Figure Creation

Creating anime figures involves four primary stages: prototype development, mold creation, painting, and packaging for shipment. Prototype development is the most time-consuming and crucial step, shaping the quality of the final product. A finished prototype is commonly known as a Garage Kit (GK) in major anime conventions.
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1. **Prototype Development**:
This step, led by a prototype artist, transforms 2D anime characters into 3D models using sculpting materials like clay, ABS, atomic ash, or lightweight clay, creating detailed GKs. It involves meticulous detailing of expressions, actions, and clothing, ensuring harmony in body parts for an enticing appeal.

After the prototype's completion, it undergoes several rounds of refining, cleaning, painting, and repairing, ultimately forming a "grey model." Later, the prototype is disassembled into distinct parts for production convenience.

2. **Mold Creation**:
Utilizing the prototype, molds are customized, crucial for mass production. PVC and steel molds are common, with PVC molds offering cost-effectiveness but limited usage, while steel molds enable repeated use but involve higher costs.

3. **Painting**:
Producing numerous parts through molds necessitates meticulous polishing to remove mold lines and then coloring the parts. While large, single-colored areas are machine-sprayed, intricate details and corners require manual work.

Once painting concludes, assembling the parts crafts the final, alluring anime figure.

4. **Packaging and Shipping**:
Figures are packaged internally using foam or PVC molds for protection and externally in detailed, informative boxes to highlight various figure attributes.

Various crafting techniques, including PVC injection, resin, and drop glue, present different advantages and limitations, influencing costs, reproduction, and detailing.
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Phase-wise processes include technology selection, sample production, mold development, and the meticulous phases of model creation, coloration, and final assembly. Each step ensures compliance with design requirements before large-scale production.

The careful progression entails expert collaboration, material selection, sample creation, mold development, color matching, and quality checks, culminating in the exquisite custom anime figures ready for shipping.

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