How do you make resin figures?

    Resin is a practical material that changes from liquid to solid, making it a modeler's dream material. Whether it's for display or for a board game, making figurines is super easy. It will take some practice to perfect each step, but you'll be creating your own resin figures in no time. Casting of the resin figure is only half finished. Then you can decorate your creation and bring it to life.

how to make resin figurine

    Make a mold of the figurine model using clay. Create a character prototype using clay. Harden or fire the clay model,alse you can print the models by 3d printer. Please set it according to the instruction manual of the clay you purchased. Mark the center of the diagram. Draw a line down the center of the shape to divide it in half.

    This is where  seams are created in the model  during casting. For example, if you have a model, you can put this seam  on the side of the model instead of  the front and back. Insert a straw into the bottom of the model so you can cut it flat later. Place the straw along the seam line you drew earlier. Mix the impression material according to the instructions. Pour enough mixture until the box is almost full, but leave about half an inch of space at the top of the box.

Resin figurines Molds

    Immerse the model in the impression medium up to the previously marked center line. Place the model in the center of the formwork. The straw should be halfway submerged, but not so submerged that  the center line shifts. Wait until the mold hardens and dries. If the mold is sticky, remove it.

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Repeat the shape creation process for the back part of the shape. Pour in the remaining liquid and let the model soak and dry. Dip the straw halfway and pour the resin into the mold again. If the back of the mold is sticky, remove the mold. Wait until the mold hardens. Fit the two mold halves together so that the cavity forms the negative of the model and the two straw halves fit exactly.

Resin Figureines Painting

Adjust the shape  with a rubber band. Mix the resin. Using a funnel, pour the resin into the mold through the hole in the straw. Let the model dry overnight. Remove the rubber band and open the mold. Be careful not to damage the resin figure when removing it. Cut a straw shape from the bottom of the model. Paint the figure and let the paint dry.

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