PVC Figure, a kind of art toys made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a low-weight and high-quality plastic commonly used in mass production for toys and many kinds of household goods. PVC is the ideal material to use for creating low-priced, smaller statues that don't require hand-painted detailing.PVC statues are also faster to produce on the production line and are generally extremely durable to impact since they are made of plastic.
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However, the cost of the steel tooling necessary to produce a PVC statue is extraordinarily expensive, necessitating around at least ten thousand units of a PVC statue to be sold just to pay for the cost of the tooling. For this reason, only extremely popular main characters (and not niche supporting characters) are usually practical to produce in this form.

In general, PVC Figures include action figures, model figures, Japanese figures, Military figures, Animal figures and so on.

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Nowadays, PVC plastic is a commonly used raw material for injection molding toys in designer toy field, and the toys are solid inside, according to the design needed, the producer will also combine with ABS injection craft and even vinyl carft.

The production of injection molding toys requires the use of large injection molding machines, and the production of molds is usually made of steel. Most enterprises have introduced fully automated equipment, which brings higher production efficiency. For large production orders, it can greatly shorten the production time and reduce the production cost.

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