2023 Newest Introduction of vinyl art toys

Vinyl toys are toys made of PVC material, and they are produced using a process called vinyl molding. During this process, PVC liquid is poured into a mold and heated until it solidifies. Vinyl toys can be soft or hard, and they are hollow inside. They feel comfortable and slippery to the touch.


Vinyl toys can be classified into four categories based on their characteristics. These categories include pendant vinyl toys and hydrophilic vinyl toys based on their use, solid vinyl toys and hollow vinyl toys based on their characteristics, luminous vinyl toys and non-luminous vinyl toys based on whether they glow in the dark, and aquatic vinyl toys and terrestrial vinyl toys based on their shape.


The world's first vinyl machine was born in Germany in 1924, and the first toy produced was the "Chocolate Rabbit". Since then, vinyl toys have become increasingly popular and have added new visual experiences to the entertainment industry. They are designed by internationally renowned designers and can be considered works of art. Popular brands of vinyl toys include POP MART and 52TOYS and more.


Vinyl art toys are suitable for limited edition production, and there are many different types of vinyl toys collectibles available on the market. Art toy collectibles have extremely high requirements for production processes, and there are very few manufacturers in the world who can have a complete production supply chain.Demeng Toys is one of the leaders in the customization production industry of art toys.