Inventory of materials used in making figures

  1. What materials are the figures made of?

Figures are a type of collectible model. The figures we often refer to are generally ACGN(Anime and Manga Culture) figures, but in fact model toys can also be called a type of figures. The main materials for figures include the following:

(1) PU resin: non-foaming polyimide resin. There are A agent and B agent. After mixing the two, they can be used to make figures. PU resin is lighter in weight and has better plasticity. It can better express the details of the figure and feels very good, but it is more expensive.

The PU Resin Material Designer Toys

(2) Stone powder resin: a material made of a mixture of resin and stone powder. It is a kind of cold resin. It is cheap, impact-resistant, heat-resistant, and has high hardness; but it is very heavy, difficult to cut, has poor plasticity, and is very brittle. The main material for early figures.

  1. Plastic

(1) PVC: Polyvinyl chloride material, also known as soft rubber material, is cheap and has greater freedom in modification than resin.

(2)ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, ABS is very tough, but ABS hand models are not suitable for painting, and the performance of complex fine details is not so ideal, so there are not many hand models made only of ABS .

PVC Material Art Toys

  1. Clay

Clay is a material used to make homemade figures. There are many types of clay that can be used to make figures:

(1) Carving clay: It is one of the most commonly used materials. It is suitable for making high-quality handicrafts and industrial design models. It is easy to shape and has strong plasticity. The finished product can be permanently preserved by using silicone mold.

(2) Polymer clay: an artificial low-temperature polymerized adhesive, which is highly ductile and plastic. It comes in a wide variety of colors and does not require coloring. It can be baked and stored for a long time.

(3) Plasticine: The most common shaping material, with a wide variety of colors, can be played directly without coloring, and the texture is relatively rough, suitable for hand practice.

(4) Ultra-light clay: Very light texture, dazzling colors, pure color, easy to shape, strong stickiness, stretchable, easy to shape, will not crack, feels delicate, does not pollute and environment.

  1. FRP(Fiberglass)

Fiberglass is usually used to make large-sized sculptures or statues. These sculptures are usually placed in large shopping malls or event venues for decoration, and the quantity produced is usually only one piece.

Life size fiberglass Sculptures

The main advantages of using fiberglass are as follows:

1 The cost is relatively low, and the production cost of fiberglass materials is generally not high;

  1. High strength, high strength and impact resistance are the characteristics of all fiberglass products;
  2. Corrosion-resistant, its corrosion resistance enables it to meet the needs of open-air display;
  3. Various designs and colors. FRP products can be made into various colors by adding various FRP colorants during production, which are very beautiful and practical.

Why are most Anime and Manga figures made of resin?

One of the reasons why figures are more expensive is that the materials they are made of are not cheap. Most of the current Anime and Manga figures are made of resin. Why is this?

The main reason why resin is used to make figurines is because the plasticity and weight of resin are relatively suitable. In terms of storage, resin figurines are easier to preserve and last longer. Taken together, resin is more cost-effective.