Create your own custom Vinyl toy

Ever wondered how your favorite vinyl toys are made? At Demeng Toy, we mix a bit of magic with a lot of science to turn brilliant ideas into awesome toys. Here’s a peek behind the curtain at how we make the magic happen!

The Creative Process:

  1. From Sketch to Sculptures: It all starts with your idea! You bring us your sketches and thoughts, and we chat about how to make them real. Our designers use cool 3D software to model your toy, making sure every detail pops!

  2. Making the First Model: We 3D print a prototype that you can touch and feel. This step helps us see if everything looks just right or if we need to tweak things a bit.

  3. The Mold is Gold: We craft molds from your model, making sure they’re super precise so your toy comes out perfect every time. These molds are really the secret to making your toy look amazing.

  4. Color and Material Magic: We pick the best vinyl for your toy, which means it not only looks good but lasts long too. Then, we mix up your chosen colors to get the shades just right.

  5. Bringing It to Life: Our machines get to work, molding your toy under just the right conditions. We keep a close eye on this process to make sure everything is picture-perfect.

Overcoming Challenges:

  • Getting Details Just Right: Sometimes, small details don’t mold well. We fix this by adjusting our 3D models to make sure they translate perfectly in the mold.
  • Color Matching: Getting colors perfect can be tricky. We do lots of tests to make sure they’re exactly what you imagined.
  • Assembly: Putting the pieces together needs a gentle touch. We’re experts at this, ensuring your toy is sturdy and neat.

Ready to see your toy idea come alive? At Demeng Toy, we love bringing your creativity into the world. Reach out today, and let’s make something great together!