How to make PVC Art Toy?

    PVC toys are produced through injection molding, which generally uses the PVC molding method and is suitable for all thermoplastic PVC and some thermoset PVC. The majority of PVC components used in toy manufacturing are produced by injection molding. Additionally, ethylene-based PVC can also be used. Depending on the desired decorative effect, different methods such as ink decoration, screen printing, pad printing, heat transfer printing, and electroplating are used.

 Customize PVC Figure Toys

    The process of spray painting can be categorized into air spray, high-pressure airless spray, and electrostatic spray painting, depending on the equipment used. Air spray injection, commonly referred to as oil injection, is a frequently used method in PVC toy production.

 Plastic PVC Toys

    The manual spray painting production process involves surface pretreatment, paint dilution, spray painting, drying, cleaning, inspection, packaging, and storage, and the surface cleaning of the workpiece (PVC or alloy) can be omitted. Hand spray injection molds (clamps or side molds, non-mold spray guns) produce diluted coatings and filter oils. The coating semi-finished products are stored in the warehouse for packaging, inspection, and cleaning (electrostatic oil requires drying).

 Anime Girl PVC Figure toys

In conclusion, PVC art toys production is a complex process that involves various methods and techniques. Through careful selection of decorative methods and precise application, the entire production process results in high-quality and visually appealing PVC figures. If you are interested in custom PVC toys, custom blind box PVC toys, anime PVC toys, or other types of PVC toys, please do not hesitate to contact us.