Why are funko POPs so popular?

Whether you are a gaming enthusiast, art toys culture addict, or a devoted film buff, Funko POP Toys are certain to be for your radar. If they may be now no longer, you are in for a treat.

These sought-after collectible figurines are the maximum addictive collectables for the reason that Furbys, Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards, combining a completely unique and mawkish revel in with brand new maximum famous franchise characters.

Funko POPs vinyl figures

So, what are Funko POPs, and why are they so famous? Here, we have got protected the whole lot you want to recognise approximately Funko POP figures, from the rarest Funko releases to how those bobble-headed heroes and heroines have secured their spot withinside the coronary heart of popular culture.

What are Funko POPs?

Funko POPs are small collectible figurines famend for his or her exaggerated features, which includes large bobbleheads and outsized eyes. They depict famous characters from a huge variety of main franchises and genres, which includes DC Comics, Marvel, and Disney, along popular culture idols in numerous styles, poses and outfits.

With connections to a mess of genres, Funko has a POP for each age and interest, whether or not it's comedian ee-e book heroes and villains or area of interest horror and anime Funkos.

Funko Pop Vinyl Toys

At Toys for a Pound, we provide an exceptional choice of professional Funko POP figures, and we continually replace our inventory to provide the maximum sought-after releases, which includes Funko POP keyrings, card games, or even restricted version Funkos! So, whether or not you are attempting to find Marvel Funko characters to accompany your gaming table or a Disney Funko to present your friend, we are assured you will locate some thing for you.

What do Funko POPs do?

Like different collectables, you may revel in your favorite Funko POP figures in numerous ways.

Some creditors want to show their POPs of their unique packaging, keeping their situation in case they emerge as greater valuable. Meanwhile, others put off them from their boxes, developing colourful presentations in their favorite characters and recreating iconic scenes from all through movie history.

However you pick to show your Funkos, those fascinating collectible figurines are assured to feature a amusing pop of nostalgia in your surroundings and are a amazing manner to exhibit your pastimes and interests.

Vinyl Toy Funko POP

About Funko POP: A Brief History

Today, Funko POP figures are a international phenomenon, however this changed into now no longer usually the case.

Toy creditors Mike Becker and Claudia Becker based Funko in 1998, beginning with a line of collectables named Wacky Wobblers.

Their first creation, The Big Boy Mascot bobblehead, noticed 480 Wacky Wobblers produced. However, no matter income being a slight success, Funko's first figurine did now no longer deliver the recognition Becker was hoping for.

But Funko's success changed into approximately to change.


In 2002, the Austin Powers bobbleheads have been released, with Becker securing a licence for the Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery sequel. Over 100,000 of those toys have been created – and that they have been a hit – seeing Funko firmly, and famously, placed on the map and released without delay into the hearts of the public.


Funko POP owners

In 2005, Funko became bought to cutting-edge CEO Brian Mariotti. In 2010, Funko formally debuted their famous vinyl line at San Diego Comic Con, bringing into play an entire new aspect to Funko with iconic franchise characters.

The enterprise has considering the fact that grown from electricity to electricity, forming partnerships with a number of the international's largest franchises, movies, and popular culture events!


Funko POP materials

Funko Pop figures are by and large crafted from vinyl. However, a few Funko merchandise are to be had in plush forms.

Some POPs, along with special and restricted version releases, appearance one of a kind to conventional Funkos, along with metal paint finishes and glow-in-the-darkish features. These Funkos are frequently rarer and extra highly-priced than standard-launch Funkos, so it may be tough to feature them for your collection.

How a lot are Funkos worth?

Funko POP figures range in price, with not unusualplace Funkos to be had for under £15 and the rarest releases raking in up to £100,000. 


Of course, the fee of particular Funkos can cross up or down at any time, however accumulating uncommon designs and restricted version releases gives the great capacity for high-fee Funkos withinside the future!

How many Funko POPs are there?

There are about 8,366 Funko POP figures to date. However, the enterprise is continuously increasing and freeing new models.


What are the maximum uncommon funko POPs?

If you are thinking about beginning your very own Funko POP collection, understanding the maximum famous Funkos is a exquisite vicinity to start. Below, we have got protected the three rarest Funkos withinside the international proper now.

How to get began out with Funko POP

Looking to begin your very own Funko collection? Start these days with Toys for a Pound. We inventory authentic Funko POPs at great-fee prices, such as restricted version Funko pop figures, so we are assured we have got were given some thing for you!

marvel-funko-pop-vinyl figures

If you want assist identifying wherein to begin, pick out a franchise you adore and skim that collection's figures. Funko has partnered with loads of brands, so whether or not you are into comedian books, movies, games, or pop culture, there may be assured Funkos to fit your interests.

Or, why now no longer take a hazard with Funko's Mystery Minis? Mysteriously wrapped in blind boxes, those miniature Funkos provide wonder characters and idols from the maximum loved franchises these days

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