As we all know, plush toys are almost every child's childhood will have a class of toys. In collectibles, artistic plush toys are also popular with female customers. Many artists and fashion brands also customize highly recognizable plush toys.

Features of plush toys:

  1. Soft material: Plush toys are usually made of soft fluffy material and feel soft and comfortable.
  2. Variety of shapes: plush toys have a variety of shapes, such as animals, cartoon characters, etc., which can meet the needs of people of different ages and interests.
  3. Lovely and beautiful: plush toys have lovely shapes and rich colors, which can be used as decorations or gifts.
  4. Easy to clean: The surface of the plush toyis easy to clean and only needs to be cleaned regularly.
  5. A wide range of applications: plush toys can be used as home decoration, gifts, children's toys, etc.

Whether as a companion toy or as an art collection, plush toys also have some characteristic shortcomings. For example, the surface of a plush toy is prone to dust and stains and needs to be cleaned regularly. If it is used for a long time or cleaned improperly, it may cause the fluff on the surface of the plush toy to fall off. Plush toys are susceptible to moisture, heat and other environmental factors, resulting in toy deformation, mold and other problems. The quality of plush toys on the market is uneven, and consumers need to choose carefully.

The fabric choice of plush toys is mainly as follows:

  1. Short velvety: This is a kind of high-quality plush toy fabric, the main raw material is made of high-quality cotton yarn, the surface has a dense, flat and glossy short pile, the touch is soft and elastic, so it is loved by people. However, this fabric should not be rubbed hard when washing, otherwise it will easily affect the fullness and smoothness of the suede.
  2. Crystal velvet: Crystal velvet is a typical chemical fiber fabric, its raw material is polyester, the surface is a layer of short and delicate fluff, feel soft, thick fluff, water absorption and easy to dry, especially suitable for plush toys, curtains and other fabric decoration materials.
  3. Cashmere: Cashmere plush toys have good thermal insulation, soft and comfortable, and feel warm.

The production process of plush toys is as follows:

  • typeset according to the design drawing, make samples and send them to customers for confirmation.
  • After the sample is confirmed, it will be submitted to the production department for mass production.
  • Mass produce toy fur according to sample requirements, including typesetting, cutting, main stitching, labeling, sewing and accessories.
  • Fill the inside of the toy, hand stitch the filling mouth, shaping, hoisting, etc.
  • Quality inspection and packaging.