At the beginning, vinyl is commonly used as a shorthand name for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is one of the many materials in plastics. Since the invention of the Rotocast machine, vinyl has increasingly been considered a Rotocast process in the production field with PVC as the main raw material.

Vinyl Toys Meaning

The vinyl toy is a toy made of/by Rotocast vinyl, it also refers to a process of producing toys, due to the unique manufacturing process, the vinyl toys adding vinyl also added other raw materials, this process of manufacturing the toy inside is hollow, lightweight, feels a little soft, Just like the popular yellow duck toys around the world, Vinyl toys don’t just mean a toy, it can also be art and collectibles.


Characteristics of vinyl toys

The surface of this toy is smooth, without any complex craft lines, showing a simple and delicate beauty. At the same time, the structure of the vinyl toy is hollow, which makes the overall weight of the whole toy relatively light, and there will be no much feeling of weight in the hand.

In terms of shape design, the vinyl toy is relatively simple with few complex details. This simplified design style allows people to pay more attention to the overall shape and color matching of the toy when appreciating the toy. In addition, the raw material of vinyl toys is mainly PVC, which has strong stability and makes the toys have high durability.

Regarding the disadvantages of the vinyl process, because the splitting process of the vinyl toy is simple, it limits the structural design of the toy, making some complex and fine parts unable to be produced. At the same time, since the vinyl toy is hollow, they are easy to deformation because of the great temperature difference,  which will affect its beauty and service life.

On the other hand, vinyl toy didn’t have great weather resistance, with improper preservation it will be prone to fading, falling off and other problems. In addition, due to the need for high temperature firing in the production process of vinyl toys, if the process is not in place, the surface of the toy may appear bubbles, surface is not smooth and other phenomena, which is a common quality problem in the production of vinyl toys. This requires that the factory must be equipped with experienced process masters to avoid quality costs to the greatest extent.