First of all, we provide a complete one-stop full custom toy production service.

Compared with competitors' one-stop service, our advantages:

First, we can provide design services, our designers have been in the field of fashion toy design for six to eight years. This means that even if you don't know how to design drawings, as long as you can describe your idea in detail, we can turn your idea into the final toy.

Second, we have a professional modeling team that can complete the 3d design for our clients and help them improve their designs in the process.

Third, we can customize all kinds of designer collectibles for our customers, including complete visual packaging, stickers, brooches, posters, etc.

Fourth, we can provide a custom security label service, which means that your packaging and even toys cannot be copied.

Fifth, we have a professional sample production department equipped with advanced 3D printing equipment and technology. In the process of hand grinding and coloring, the relevant members have decades of experience.

Sixth, we have large productive capacity but in order to work with more individual artists, we have reintegrated the production chain to accept small orders.

Seventh, we cooperate with the largest local transportation forwarder to provide global express, air, sea and other ways of door-to-door transportation services, and even provide drop-shipping services.

Finally, all of our products material is eco-friendly, it can passed any country toys inspecting testing,such as CE, ASTM, RoHS, En71-2-3,FCC, Phthalate-free and Non-Toxic. We pay attention to the quality of raw materials, but also to the quality of the process. We have strict quality control in the production process, and the quality of the finished product is well-known.
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