Our factory has complete production equipment, reasonable staffing, and clear division of labor between the front and back end departments.

Molding Department
Disassembly toy into parts to make the production molds and later mold assembly.
toy molds custom designer toy mould molding demeng toy
Vinyl & Injection Workshop
Vinyl Group will complete the production of vinyl parts and injection group will deal with the automatic injection equipment to produce the injection parts more efficient.vinyl toy pvc figure production demeng toy custom
Painting Team
Coloring the toy parts like background and details painting , and Pad printing the complex pattern, logo, etc. on the surface of the toys. Other special effects such as shining, gradient, greasing, etc. are available.Toy painting Department art vinyl toys maker demeng toy
Assembling & QC Team
Assembling the colored parts to get the complete toys. Then our QC team is responsible for the complete quality management process, and before that all of our products have to pass 3 steps QC inspecting and each process has strict quality standards. QC Assembly art toy high quality production demeng toy

Resin Workshop
Take charge of the resin toy production, and before mass production, they responsible for 3d printing of models, polishing the pu sample parts, coloring and assembling into final samples.3d printing hand make sample pu resin toy maker statue manufacturer demeng toy

Plush Workshop


Packing Line
Finish the inner and outer packing of final products according to customer requirements.
packing customize art toy supplier OEM toy factory demeng toy