The simplest method is gravity casting where the resin is poured into the mold and pulled down into all the parts by gravity. When the two part resin is mixed air bubbles tend to be introduced into the liquid which can be removed in a vacuum chamber. The casting can also be done in a vacuum chamber (when using open molds) to either extract these bubbles, or in a pressure pot, to reduce their size to the point where they aren't visible. Specialist equipment can enable closed molds to be filled whilst under vacuum, a process known as resin vacuum casting, where air and gas bubbles are completely removed from the cast part. Pressure and/or centrifugal force can be used to help push the liquid resin into all details of the mold. The mold can also be vibrated to expel bubbles.

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The production process of resin toys mainly includes the following steps:

  1. Design and modeling.
  1. Model making. Producers generally make silicone molds for small batch production.
  1. Inverted mold: Put the mold into the inverted mold machine, and inject the adjusted resin paste into the mold. The resin gradually solidifies in the mold to form the shape of the toy.
  1. Stripping and dressing: After the resin has completely solidified, remove the toy from the mold. The parts that do not meet the design requirements are trimmed and polished to make the toy reach the ideal appearance and size.
  1. Surface treatment: Common surface treatment methods include manual spray painting, baking paint, water sticker, screen printing, electroplating, etc.
  2. Quality inspection, packaging and delivery

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How to protect your resin statues?

  • Prevent from dropping
  • Keep away from heat and flame
  • Cold temperature
  • Protect from water
  • Use Acrylic
  • Cleaning
  • UV Protectant