Resin toys were originally born for handwork which originated from the Japanese ACG circle in the 1980s, when enthusiasts were dissatisfied with ready-made plastic models, self-learning techniques to make models, and then entered the market with the support of companies such as Ocean Hall. Japanese artist Takashi Murakami's "My Lonely Cowboy" was sold for $15.161 million at Sotheby's in New York in May 2008. It was the highest price ever paid for a work of contemporary Asian art at the time.

4 TAKASHI MURAKAMI the life-size figure in My Lonesome Cowboy demengtoy

Handwork is a limited production animation model including static non-movable models such as GK model and PF model, which has a certain collection value. Handwork includes static non-movable models such as GK (Garage Kit) and PF (PVC Figure), the former originated from the garage as a production location of hand-made interest activities, and today usually refers to the resin model kit that is not mass-produced and is expensive because it cannot be mass-produced.

2 designer art toy polystone resin figure statue demeng toy

Besides, the origin of resin toys is also inseparable from the artist's clay art. The creation of a toy or figure start with the traditional sculpting process where the artist designs a clay sculpture. Where appropriate, for example when making a garage kit, the sculpture is dissected into several parts like head, torso, arms and legs. And then, while resin toys have gradually become a medium for independent artists and art brands to express their art and inspiration, resin toys have also become popular modern art collectibles.

how its made from 2D picture demengtoy sculpture