If you want to design a toy with a vinyl process, you must have a sufficient understanding of the characteristics of the process. The forming principle of vinyl toys has great limitations on the shape design of toys.

First, the vinyl toy is molded by rotary casting. This is done by putting the treated plastic pulp into the mold, and then rotating it rapidly in a high temperature environment, allowing the centrifugal force to press the plastic into the mold wall and then cooling the molding and removing it from the mold with a fixture. It is required that after the toy has a clear production height, each part of its three-dimensional design should have sufficient peripheral size after decomposition in the same proportion, otherwise it is difficult to make mold.

Second, a vinyl toy or a vinyl part that needs to be made in pieces (hereinafter referred to as vinyl part) is a hollow structure with a water mouth. When the mold is removed, the vinyl master uses a clamp to hold the edge of the water mouth and pull it out. This requires that the three-dimensional structure of vinyl part be relatively smooth and rounded, rather than having sharp corners or right angled edges.  

Third, the production mold of the vinyl process has limitations, and details of the complex and sharp external design structure can not perfectly show. This is why the overall structure of most of the vinyl toys we see is relatively simple.

Fourth, let's see design process for a vinyl toy.

Sixth, the universal format of fashion toy design documents.

Graphic design :.psd,.png,.jpg,.jpeg,.pdf,.ppt,.ai

3d file format:.obj,.stl,.ztl,.fbx,.igs,.stp.

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