Vinyl toys, as the name suggests, are toys made of vinyl as the main material. Since the birth of the world's first ROTOCAST machine in Germany in 1924, and the successful production of the first toy "chocolate rabbit" that day, the unique shaping power of vinyl is destined to bring endless visual new feelings to the world. With the popularity and popularity of a series of representative works, vinyl has added colorful colors to the traditional entertainment industry.

Actually the chocolate bunnies are a staple in Easter traditions. Relatedly, the first written record of this bunny came from Germany in the 1600s, and her name was “Oschter Haws,” translating to “Easter Hare.”  By 1924, the craze for chocolate Easter bunnies had multiplied, and chocolate bunnies became a popular ornament at the time, resulting in the world's first vinyl chocolate bunny.

Most vinyl toys are produced in factories in China, though some designers have shifted production to Japan where special materials such as clear vinyl are used.